Collect data on food assets, resources and challenges in our local food system.



Davidson County


March 1, 2018




Davidson County Local Food Network was recently awarded a micro grant from Community Food Strategies. One of the projects to be undertaken by the Davidson County Local Food Network is to collect data on our community assets in our food system – community gardens, food processors, commercial kitchens, farms, markets, food pantries, retailers and restaurants who carry specifically Davidson County food products, and more – in order to set metrics from which we can set realistic measurements of improvement or diminishment in our local food economy.


What we we want to accomplish:



Identify who is growing  fresh produce or raising animals for consumer use.



Identify where local food and healthy food can be found: retailers, community gardens, farmers, markets, restaurants, pantries, other



Identify food processing services or facilities in the county.



Place data collected on our website in a usable format for strategic planning for new businesses, city council, county commissioners, health planning by non-profit organizations and other entities.