The Davidson County Food System Network is a community network that is working toward building an equitable and resilient food system for the health and economic welfare of our community. 




To collect data about existing assets in Davidson County such as, current farmers market traffic and sales, farm tour traffic, number of farms selling direct to consumers, types of farms, number of community gardens, number of commercial kitchens, number of food pantries and their locations, identify restaurants and retailers using and selling local produce, and then analyze the information to set metrics with which to measure growth, deficits, improvement and success in our food system.

Network Building

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local food education and awareness: FARM TOUR and local food meet-ups

Davidson County Local Food Network will be hosting our first county farm tour. This event is a public education and awareness initiative to teach people about how and where food is raised in their own community.

In addition, we will be hosting Local Food Meet-Ups where we invite the public to engage in discussing our county's food issues in a casual and educational environment.  


Community gardens can be found in Davidson County. Both Thomasville and Lexington Parks & Recreation have initiated small community gardens targeted towards youth. Other community gardens exist and are managed by local churches. DCLFN would like to encourage and facilitate more community gardens across the county to be used for not only food access, but for skills training, education and awareness about local food.


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Currently, Davidson County has two operating farmers markets: one in Thomasville and the other in Lexington. Both markets are producers' only markets, which means that the items are grown, raised or produced by vendors who live in Davidson County or surrounding counties. DCLFN would like to facilitate the expansion, diversification and sustainability of the farmers markets.