Working towards building an equitable and resilient food system for the health and economic welfare of our community.


Who We Are

Davidson County Local Food Network is a group composed of private citizens, representatives from the Health Department, Cooperative extension, businesses, farms governmental and non-governmental organizations who feel the need to make food a priority. 

When we talk about food, we talk about access to food, food quality, food quantity, food economy, and food waste. Many factors affect the health of a community, and our food system plays a major role. Watch the video below to find out more about food councils around North Carolina.


“A food economy can completely revive your local health, local business, your economy as a whole.”

blueberries in spring

Get Involved

Be part of the solution. Be part of our network. Davidson County Local Food Network is open to anyone interested in any aspect of improving our local food system. 

If you feel that we need any of the following:

  • better and diverse restaurants

  • better quality food

  • More locally produced food

  • More local produce in our grocery stores, restaurants, corner stores, schools, senior homes

  • more food entrepreneurs

  • more support to develop local entrepreneurship

  • increased resources for entrepreneurs, farmers, restaurants, distributors

  • more community gardens

  • community gardens in schools

  • increased agritourism

  • access to skills training in cooking, food processing, product development

  • better food policy that improves food access and food quality

  • lowering food waste

  • improving access to healthy food

And you want to do something about it. Join us at our next Local Food Meetup.